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INNO Holdings is a pioneering building technology company aiming to revolutionize the construction industry with its proprietary cold-formed steel-framing technology and innovative building solutions. Recognizing the inefficiencies and waste inherent in traditional lumber-based construction methods, INNO Holdings offers steel-based alternatives that provide higher performance, efficiency, and substantial labor cost savings. Located in Brookshire, Texas, INNO Holdings operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility capable of producing 15,000 linear feet of product per day.

Using intelligent machinery and advanced techniques, INNO Holdings manufactures cold-formed steel members and offers a suite of services to transform raw materials into precise framing products and prefabricated homes. The Company's services range from fabrication operations, such as cutting, punching, forming, and assembling, to machine operations, including computer numerical controlled (CNC) operations. All operations are conducted under a stringent quality assurance program that meets national and international codes, standards, and specifications. INNO Holdings is poised to disrupt the $10 trillion global construction industry by reducing construction times and offering more affordable, sustainable, and durable solutions than traditional construction materials and methods. By doing so, INNO Holdings is not just building structures, but a more efficient and sustainable future.


Investor Presentation

Investor Presentation

INNO Holdings is transforming the construction industry with its innovative approach to sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective building methods. Utilizing advanced steel-framing technology, the Company's solutions reduce construction times by over 50% while significantly cutting labor costs. INNO Holdings manufactures metal studs, prefab wall panels, joists, and trusses offsite, delivering assembled products ready for erection and connection. This approach results in cleaner, more organized construction sites with fewer safety hazards. As a trailblazer in the burgeoning $235.4 billion offsite construction market, INNO Holdings is seizing the opportunity presented by the increasing trend toward modular building techniques. With tailwinds from President Biden’s Executive Order 14057 and the Los Angeles City Council's recent ban on wood-frame buildings, there is a growing demand for INNO's products. The Company isn't merely offering an alternative to traditional construction methods; it's establishing a new industry standard and delivering unparalleled value to its commercial, residential, and industrial clients. With upcoming product launches and an existing order backlog exceeding $15 million, INNO Holdings appears to be on the cusp of substantial growth.



  • Innovative technology solutions disrupting $10T construction industry
    • Proprietary cold-formed steel-framing technology and sustainable building solutions
    • Higher performance, efficiency, and substantial labor cost savings compared to traditional lumber-based methods
    • Innovative approach reduces construction times by over 50%
    • Addressable US market opportunity estimated at $40B (2023)
  • Growing order backlog
    • Existing order backlog exceeds $15 million
    • New product launches expected to accelerate growth
  • Solid financial position
    • Raised $10.0M in gross proceeds through Dec. 2023 IPO

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