Greenwich LifeSciences (NASDAQ: GLSI)

Greenwich: Phase 3 Trial Actively Enrolling Patients Targeting Breast Cancer Recurrence

Greenwich LifeSciences (NASDAQ: GLSI) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of GP2, an immunotherapy to prevent breast cancer recurrences in patients who have previously undergone surgery.


Inspira Technologies (NASDAQ: IINN)

Inspira: Game-Changing Solutions for Improved Patient Outcomes

Inspira Technologies Oxy B.H.N. Ltd. (“Inspira Technologies” or the “Company”) is an innovative medical technology company in the acute respiratory-failure arena. The Company has developed a breakthrough Augmented Respiration Technology (ART™), designed to rebalance patient oxygen saturation levels.



Reviva: Phase 3 Trial in Schizophrenia Now Underway

Reviva (NASDAQ: RVPH) is a Phase 3 clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and seeks to commercialize next-generation therapeutics for diseases representing unmet medical needs and burdens to society, patients, and their families.



BullFrog AI Secures Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Johns Hopkins’ APL for AI Technology

BullFrog AI is a technology enabled drug development company using machine learning to usher in a new era of precision medicine. Through its collaborations with leading research institutions, including Johns Hopkins University and J. Craig Venter Institute, BullFrog AI is at the forefront of AI-driven drug development.



BioVie: Developing the First Ever Potentially Effective Drug for Alzheimer’s

BioVie Inc. (NASDAQ: BIVI) is a clinical-stage company developing what it believes will be transformative therapies to overcome unmet medical needs in neurodegeneration and liver disease.


Rail Vision (NASDAQ: RVSN)

Rail Vision: Revolutionizing Rail Safety Using A.I.

Rail Vision (NASDAQ: RVSN) is the leading provider of obstacle detection and classification systems in the railway industry. With the Company’s unique cognitive sensor fusion technology, based on advanced electro-optic sensors, artificial intelligence and deep learning, Rail Vision systems detect objects on and along the tracks from a distance of up to two kilometers – in real time – as well as in all weather and light conditions.


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  • Bob McCooey, Senior Vice President, NASDAQ Stock Market