Small Stocks, Big Money™ is a sponsored program that airs weekly on Bloomberg TV in the US at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, delivering insightful commentary on small-cap investing, interviews with Wall Street analysts, financial book reviews, as well as featured interviews with executives of public companies.

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Dave Gentry Book

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John Wiley and Sons Publishing Company

Small Cap Companies Learn From RedChip CEO Dave Gentry‚Äôs Small Stocks, Big Money™

A book of interviews with the biggest players in small-cap stocks,
RedChip CEO Dave Gentry's book, Small Stocks, Big Money™, has been highly praised by industry peers.

”Small Stocks, Big Money is a wonderful read for anyone who wants to learn about the world of small stocks and the people who play in them. I have watched RedChip grow to become one of the top firms in the world serving smaller-cap companies. Praise for Dave Gentry and RedChip”

Barry Sloane, CEO and Chairman, Newtek Business Services, NASDAQ: NEWT

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