Genius Group’ Global Entrepreneur Summit Prepares Leaders for the 5th Wave During the Age of Covid-19

Florida Entrepreneur Wins Genius Group Global Challenge

Feb. 4, 2021

We either write our own legacy or our legacy happens to us accidentally.  The next decade will bring opportunities and changes that will never come again in our lifetime. We will either create our own destiny by embracing and understanding the 5th wave and the trends that will drive this once in a lifetime transformation, or we will be left behind.  The next 10 years will be known as the digital decade and entrepreneurs and businesses would be wise to take it seriously. 


Where will you be in ten years?  This was the penultimate question for entrepreneurs participating in the Virtual Global Entrepreneur Summit in December.  Led by Roger James Hamilton, Futurist, best-selling author, and CEO of the Genius Group, the world’s largest entrepreneur education company, the summit attracted thousands of entrepreneurs representing over 50 countries. 


A truly global event, entrepreneurs from Sydney to San Diego, from Miami to Melbourne, Australia, from Cape Town, Africa to Cincinnati, Ohio joined together to participate in an interactive two-day workshop where they entered a virtual world and learned about the top 10 trends that will shape the world over the next 10 years. 


Quoting Bill Gates to put things in perspective, the host of the event reminded the entrepreneurs: “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next 10 years.”  Ten years ago at the peak of the financial crisis, Elon Musk, who many had written off as nothing more than a tripped out dreamer, bet it all on Tesla and SpaceX.  Ten years later he was the richest person in the world. Uber was founded in 2010; today it is a multi-billion dollar business.  Ten years ago Airbnb was a concept; today it is a global enterprise worth billions. 


We are now in the 5th Revolution, which according to Roger James Hamilton, is all encompassing with intelligence everywhere around us.  If you have access to the Internet and the ability to think globally you can compete with Jeff Bezos.   We are no longer in the information age, or 4.0, we are now in Society 5.0.   With the massive shift in tools, there is a massive shift in the way we communicate with each other.  What has worked in the last 10 years, email marketing, social media, digital marketing, will no longer work in the same way. In Society 5.0, problem solving, diversity, decentralization, resilience, sustainability and environmental harmony, replaces vulnerability, uniformity, economies of scale, and centralization. 


Now we can be our own superpowers and superheroes and live in a world where self created Renaissance men and women, assisted by A.I, and local and global communities of like minded individuals do not get a job, but create a job, jobs that allow for self-expression where people value making money but also value making a difference in the world.   As the Greeks explained long ago,  “every life is a work of art created by the makers’ hand.” 


Entrepreneurs need to understand that the Metaverse is here, a virtual world of shared spaces far more advanced than the Internet as we know it.  We will all eventually be linked in a shared virtual universe, but at the same time will create our own universes within the Metaverse.   In 10 years, we won’t be using the Internet. Any Company on the Internet will not be in business, because they will be on the Metaverse.


In the Metaverse, there is no html coding.  The metaverse has a different language, a different way of thinking.  In the Metaverse, 27 million people from all over the world gather in the same virtual reality, sharing the same space at a concert of their favorite musicians.  


In the Metaverse, we will create our own virtual world where we cook, play golf, travel, explore.  Already we see examples of the Metaverse.   On Facebook Horizon, we can come together from all over the world to create in 3D.  Facebook  and Ray-Ban have teamed up to create the first smart glasses, which will allow us to experience the world without the clunkiness of a cell phone. Everything on the mobile phone you can see is in the glasses.


The 5th revolution will liberate us, including how our business works.  There will be a digital layer on everything we do, which will allow us to connect to everyone everywhere.  Businesses that do not harness the power of superman A.I and turn their business into a full Metaverse society will not be able to compete.


The Genius Group and its Genius University, with over 1.5 million students representing 200 cities, is leading a new paradigm in education, education that focuses on the individual and his strengths, where a community of global entrepreneurs  help each other find their purpose and cultivate their passions, so they are prepared to do what they love as they create and grow businesses that generate strong cash flow but also contribute to making the world a better place.


As part of the two-day summit, attended by 300 entrepreneurs, Genius Group announced winners of its 5-day $50,000 challenge. Entrepreneurs had exactly 5 days to create a power point presentation about how they will future proof their business, which included slides on understanding their ideal customer, describing their personal identity, their role models, and most importantly, describing what their business will look like and where they will be in ten years.  For Genius Group and GeniusU, the focus is on helping entrepreneurs improve their vision, their thinking about the future.  As Roger James Hamilton explained, a person can change their life in 5 days.  It doesn’t have to take 5 years. The idea is to get back your inspiration, change your thinking and your life will change.


The first prize  winner of the 5-day, $50,000 challenge was a woman named Shirley Soltis in Miami, Florida, a personal development coach for women.  She won $3,000 cash and another $15,000 of entrepreneur workshops and classes offered by the Genius Institute. Her message:  “We need a new code of experience, the old ways that started in the 80’s are outdated, we need a new kind of flow, we must evolve our mindset, be a catalyst, a creator, an innovator. We are not trapped. The only thing stopping us is ourselves. Embrace the genius within. “ 


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