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Company Overview

Nutriband is a pioneering US-based pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of transdermal technologies that improve the safety, comfort, and efficacy of FDA-approved drugs, benefitting patients, physicians, and payers. Nutriband’s lead product technology, AVERSA™, is an abuse deterrent transdermal technology that incorporates aversive agents to prevent the abuse, diversion, misuse and accidental exposure of drugs with abuse potential, such as opioids, a $22.8 billion global market.

The Company’s first application for AVERSA™ is an abuse-deterrent fentanyl transdermal patch which it is being developed to provide clinicians and patients a safe extended-release patch for chronic pain. The goal is to make opioid-based pain treatments safe for all who need them. AVERSA™ technology has received patent protection in the US, EU, Australia, Japan, Mexico, and Russia, with patent protection pending in Canada. With anticipated peak annual sales of up to $200 million upon FDA approval, and a strategic partnership with Kindeva for commercial development, Nutriband stands poised for significant growth. Nutriband's diversified structure, including revenue-generating subsidiaries and in-house manufacturing capabilities, solidifies its position as a unique player in the biopharma sector, promising investors a blend of innovation, sustainability, and market potential.

Company Overview

Value Proposition

Nutriband presents a compelling opportunity, standing at the forefront of addressing the global opioid crisis with its revolutionary AVERSA™ abuse-deterrent transdermal technology. Nutriband’s lead product, AVERSA™ Fentanyl, is targeting peak annual sales of $80 million to $200 million upon FDA approval. Nutriband is pursuing a streamlined 505(b)(2) NDA regulatory pathway for AVERSA™ Fentanyl, requiring only a single Phase 1 trial with the potential for an expedited six-month FDA review further accelerates the path to market.

Nutriband's robust IP portfolio, with patents secured in major markets worldwide and additional patents pending, safeguards its innovations, ensuring long-term competitiveness and market exclusivity. The company's diversified business model, bolstered by revenue-generating subsidiaries, provides a strong foundation and minimizes reliance on external funding for R&D.

Nutriband embodies a unique convergence of innovation, significant societal value, and strong growth prospects. With a streamlined path to market, clear vision, established strategic partnerships, and commitment to addressing one of healthcare's most pressing challenges, Nutriband is well-positioned for success.

Investor Presentation

Investment Highlights

  • Revolutionary AVERSA™ abuse-deterrent transdermal technology mitigates the risk of drug abuse, diversion, and accidental exposure
  • Targeting opioid crisis with AVERSA™ Fentanyl – addressing a global market valued at $22.8 billion
  • AVERSA™ Fentanyl anticipated to reach peak annual sales of $80 million to $200 million upon FDA approval
  • Streamlined 505(b)(2) NDA regulatory pathway requires only a single Phase 1 trial, significantly reducing the time and cost of development
  • AVERSA™ Fentanyl is eligible for an expedited six-month FDA review
  • Strong IP with patent protection in major markets including the US, EU, Australia, Japan, Mexico, and Russia, with pending patents in Canada
  • Diversified business model includes revenue-generating subsidiaries that support the company's financial sustainability and reduce its reliance on external funding for research and development activities

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