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Royalty Management Holding Corporation identifies and invests in highly undervalued assets in either growing or transitioning marketplaces to obtain an ongoing royalty or cashflow stream in the project. Royalty Management finds undervalued assets that are either underutilized, undeveloped or at an inflection point in their life cycle. The Company targets three primary sectors of investment:

Resources & Land Assets:
Acquire assets and rights for natural resources, such as critical and rare earth elements, metallurgical carbon, other traditional resource deposits and land resources that have identifiable and monetizable long term cash flow streams.

Recurring Use Assets:
Revenue streams and royalties from replenishable and recurring use of land and assets, such as water, agriculture, timber and recurring resources through long term financial structures, thereby identifying novel ways to monetize traditional resources.

IP & Digital Assets:
Acquire the rights to intellectual property and patents, and purchase and/or fund the development of infrastructure and assets that go to serve data centers, information technologies, and digital currencies.

RMCO’s industry relationships enable it to attract deal flow opportunities as well as synergistic investment opportunities with affiliated partnerships.


Investor Presentation

Investor Presentation

RMCO targets industries and businesses undergoing significant transformations, uncovering undervalued assets with potential for development and growth. RMCO's unique approach enables it to identify assets that are underutilized, undeveloped, or at a critical juncture in their life cycle. To exploit these opportunities to the fullest, RMCO employs a variety of proven acquisition structures. These include real estate and asset acquisitions aimed at generating additional royalty and revenue streams, purchases and leasing of patents and intellectual property, and strategic partnerships with companies that possess existing portfolios of real estate, royalties, and/or patents. Each acquisition is viewed as a unique opportunity by RMCO, requiring a tailored strategy to unlock its full value.

While traditional royalty companies prioritize profit above all else, RMCO balances profit and benefit. Their long-term financing strategies consider factors such as job creation and environmental impact alongside stakeholder and shareholder returns. With over three decades of combined experience in royalty companies and IP licensing opportunities, the team at RMCO is well-positioned to ensure the stability and long-term security of their operating partners' businesses. RMCO has a robust pipeline of hundreds of opportunities, many of which have been evaluated over the last five years. With over 75% of its targeted assets in North America and a US-based technical management team, RMCO presents a low geopolitical risk. They provide a financial structure that not only paves the way for success but also minimizes dilution to shareholders.

RMCO provides an opportunity for investors to own a company that values sustainable growth and responsible stewardship of resources. Their unique approach to identifying undervalued assets and their commitment to balancing profit with social and environmental impact set them apart from traditional royalty companies. With a strong track record of successful acquisitions and partnerships, RMCO is poised for continued growth and success in the ever-changing business landscape. By investing in RMCO, investors not only have the potential for financial gains but also contribute to creating a more sustainable and responsible future.

  • Innovative Investment Approach
    • Targets industries and businesses undergoing significant transformations, identifying undervalued assets
    • Focuses on future market landscape rather than solely on historical performance
  • Proven Acquisition Structures
    • Employs a variety of structures including real estate and asset acquisitions, purchases and leasing of patents and intellectual property
    • Forms strategic partnerships with companies possessing existing portfolios of real estate, royalties, and/or patents
  • Value Maximization
    • Treats each acquisition as a unique opportunity, requiring a tailored strategy to unlock its full value
    • Management has extensive experience and expertise in structuring transactions, ensuring maximum value and liquidity
  • Balanced Approach to Profit and Benefit
    • Unlike traditional royalty companies, RMCO balances profit with benefit, considering job creation and environmental impact
    • Provides a financial structure that ensures long-term stability and security of their operating partners' businesses
  • Robust Opportunity Pipeline and Low Risk
    • Has a pipeline of hundreds of opportunities evaluated over the last five years
    • Matches growth with cash flow to minimize shareholder dilution
    • Over 75% of targeted assets are located in North America, presenting a low geopolitical risk with a US-based technical management team

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