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Dócola was developed by a team of clinicians who know that better communication is essential to better care, understanding, and outcomes. We believe that patient centricity, collaboration, and transparency is the only way to improve care. We continuously learn from millions of digital interactions, conversations with clinicians and patients, and ongoing research in asynchronous education.

Healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinics can find free and low-cost patient education and resources, or upload and create their own, and deliver them to people before, between, and after visits on any web-enabled device.

As a social good organization, our platform is free to all healthcare providers, patients, advocates, and content providers. And it always will be. We are passionately committed to unifying the healthcare experience. We believe access to information and care should be available to everyone.

We make it possible for patients and families to receive the right information at the right time, so they can act on it. After all, when we proactively meet people’s informational needs, they understand why it’s important, possible, and safe to participate in their care. This also helps people think about their goals and preferences, in order to have better conversations.

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Investor Presentation

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