Innovation in Flight: Mobilicom's End-to-End Solutions for Drone Cybersecurity

Nov. 28, 2023
Mobilicom provides cybersecurity and robust solutions for drones and robotics. The Company is positioned to capture market leadership as the top end-to-end provider of hardware and software solutions in the rapidly growing defense and commercial drone and robotics market, a total addressable market expected to reach $8.5 billion by 2026. The Ukraine-Russia conflict is expected to further drive demand for Mobilicom’s drone cybertech solutions. The Company’s large portfolio of field-proven technologies includes cybersecurity, software, and hardware solutions that power, connect, guide, and secure drones and robotics. Through deployments across 16 countries with over 50 customers, Mobilicom generates revenues from hardware and software sales, licensing fees, and professional support services. Its IP strategy includes patents and more often, trade secrets, in accordance with top-secret military applications. Mobilicom’s customers include the world’s leading defense and commercial drone manufacturers. Visit to learn more.

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