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Date: Thursday, September 10 2020 at 4:00 PM EST

Duration: 20+ mins

About Aptorum Group Limited (NASDAQ: APM)

Aptorum Group Limited (NASDAQ: APM) is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercializing novel therapeutics to tackle unmet medical needs. Aptorum's current drug pipeline includes indications in orphan diseases, infectious diseases, and metabolic diseases. In 2020 the company plans to bring two candidates to clinical trials. Aptorum?s Smart-ACT? platform is designed to bring an average of three drug candidates for orphan diseases to clinical trials every 12-18 months. The company is now in the process of launching a dietary supplement for women undergoing menopause and experiencing related symptoms, including osteoporosis. Targeting a global woman? health supplement market that is expected to reach $17 billion in 2025, Aptorum is expected to generate significant revenue in the next 12 months with this product.

A live Q&A session, open to current and prospective investors, will immediately follow President Darren Lui's presentation.

For more information on Aptorum Group Limited (NASDAQ: APM), visit http://www.aptoruminfo.com/

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