MidSouth Week in Review
May 10, 2024

Weekly Update from Fund Manager Buzz Heidtke, MidSouth Investment Fund

May. 13, 2024 | RedChip Companies

For the week the S&P was up 1.9% and is up 9.4% y-t-d. The yield on the 10-year government bonds increased.  The yield on the 30-year government bond increased to 4.64%.  Wholesale gas dropped to $2.4 0vs. $2.82 in April.  Disney reported a loss and its shares fell 9.5%.  Sources:  Wall Street Journal and New York Times




Economic Growth – We have headed for the longest period of economic growth and lowest unemployment in history.  Because of economic growth, demand from workers will increase – Reason


Old Age – There are three signs of old age.  Loss of memory …. And I forgot the other two – Red Skelton


Mortgages – In 2022 just over 40% of homeowners older than 64 had a mortgage, a jump from roughly 25% of generation ago – Harvard University


Trends – We are headed for the longest period of economic growth and lowest unemployment.  Demand for human workers will increase; virtually anyone wanting to enter the workforce will have opportunities to find meaningful, well-compensated careers – Reason


iPhones – Getting a new one is about as exciting as upgrading your washing machine – THE WEEK


Consumer Confidence – fell in April as Americans juggled “elevated inflation , high-borrowing costs and a gradually cooling labor market” – Bloomberg


Babies – 3.59 million were born in the U.S. last year, a 2% drop from 2022 and the lowest number since 1979.  The U.S. birth rate has fallen 11% since 2000 – TIME


Trade Settlement Period – Starting on May 28, 2024, the settlement period for most securities traded on U.S. exchanges or over the counter will shorten from two business days (T+2) to one business day (T+1) – Charles Schwab


Auto and Home Owners Insurance – prices have sky-rocketed over the past couple of years.  Consider raising your policy’s deductible to save money – Kiplinger Personal Finance Advisor


Amazon – is now the last Big Tech giant holding out against issuing dividends.  Alphabet, Google’s parent company, last week financially issued a dividend for the first time – MarketWatch


Job Openings – fell from 8.8 million in February to 8.5 million in March.  The lowest level in more than three years – MarketWatch


Biden – Since he entered the office, electricity prices have soared by 29%+ although up only 5% in the past year.  And the price of piped gas is up nearly 30%, making utility bills more expensive.  Meats, poultry, milk and eggs are up 21.4% - CPI


Home Sale Taxes – are taxed up to 20%.  Single filers get an exemption of up to $250,000 of net gains.  Married couples filing jointly get up to $500,000.  Some higher earners might also face a 3.8% surtax – Wall Street Journal


College Deals – 47% of all students who graduate are debt free …. Of those who graduate with debt, they averaged $26,000 in debt, down 4.4% from five years ago – Randy Boyd


Mortgage Rates – are at the highest level since November.  The rate on the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is up a half a percent point since January 1 – The Kiplinger Letter


Electronic Retailing – The high tech price tags can help alleviate labor shortages and lower costs by eliminating the manual labor of updating prices in grocery stores and other stores – The Kiplinger Letter


Household Wealth – under age 40 jumped by 49% from $174k to $259k between 2019 and 2023 – CNBC


Depression – About 60 percent of young Americans with severe depression receive no treatment, according to Mental Health America, a nonprofit research group.


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