Genetic Technologies: Innovating Precision Medicine and Revolutionizing Disease Detection

Genetic Technologies Limited (NASDAQ: GENE), at the forefront in personalised predictive genomic, is reshaping the healthcare landscape with its inventive strategy for early disease detection and personalized wellness. Positioned as a diversified company, GENE's pioneering initiatives in genomics-based tests place it at the forefront of precision medicine, presenting substantial opportunities for investors.

Revolutionary Saliva Test - GeneType

Exemplifying GENE's dedication to advancing early disease detection is the groundbreaking non-invasive saliva test, GeneType. Recently featured across various national Australian media channels, this test signifies a significant stride in proactive health management. GeneType plays a pivotal role in the early detection of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and Type 2 diabetes, paving the way for tailored solutions in personalized healthcare.

Innovative Clinic at Gold Coast Private Hospital

A milestone in healthcare is marked by GENE's collaboration with Gold Coast Private Hospital to establish a Precision & Preventive Medicine Clinic – the first of its kind in Australia. Integrating cutting-edge technology with healthcare excellence, the clinic has initiated a 50-patient pilot study. Leveraging GeneType's multi-risk test in conjunction with Pharmacogenomics (PGx) tests, it creates a comprehensive wellness profile tailored to individual patients, setting a new benchmark in personalized healthcare.

Focus on Melanoma Detection

Underscoring the significance of early detection, GENE's world-first risk assessment test for Melanoma gained prominence on Channel 7's The Morning Show. Last week's recognition of melanoma researchers Professors Georgina Long and Richard Scolyer as 2024 Australians of the Year further emphasized the importance of melanoma awareness. This test reinforces GENE's commitment to combatting fatal diseases like melanoma through innovative screening techniques.

Collaboration with the University of Melbourne

GENE's innovative spirit extends to its partnership with the University of Melbourne for the CASSOWARY trial. This study evaluates the feasibility of utilizing GeneType to assess genomic vulnerability to various cancers. As the sole commercial partner, GENE stands at the forefront of transforming DNA testing into a cost-effective tool for personalized cancer risk management.

Global Leadership

As a global leader in genomics-based tests for health, wellness, and serious diseases through its GeneType and EasyDNA brands, Genetic Technologies Limited boasts a proprietary risk stratification platform developed over the past decade. GENE seamlessly integrates clinical and genetic risk, delivering actionable outcomes. The ongoing development of risk assessment products solidifies its position as a leader in risk prediction for oncology, cardiovascular, and metabolic diseases.


For investors, Genetic Technologies Limited offers an exciting prospect in the rapidly evolving field of genomics and precision medicine. With its innovative approach to early disease detection, personalized healthcare solutions, and robust partnerships, GENE is poised to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry, promising substantial growth and investment opportunities.

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  • Bob McCooey, Senior Vice President, NASDAQ Stock Market