Genetic Technologies (NASDAQ: GENE): A Visionary in Precision Medicine and Cancer Risk Assessment

Genetic Technologies Limited (NASDAQ: GENE) emerges as a visionary in the realm of precision medicine and cancer risk assessment, showcasing a commitment to innovation and groundbreaking achievements. The company's recent developments underscore its pioneering role in genomics-based testing for health, wellness, and serious diseases, making it an enticing prospect for investors.

Strategic Partnership with Gold Coast Private Hospital

A significant stride for GENE is the establishment of a Precision Medicine Clinic through its partnership with Gold Coast Private Hospital (GCPH). This collaboration aims to transform patient care by employing the geneType Multi-test and Pharmacogenomics (PGx) tests, providing comprehensive wellness profiles. The inaugural 50-patient pilot study heralds a new era in personalized healthcare, exemplifying GENE's dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology into clinical practice. The trial's outcomes are poised to broaden access to GENE's portfolio of risk assessment tests for medical professionals and their patients.

Expansion of geneType Multi-Risk Test

The GeneType Multi-Risk Test, a saliva-based test, now encompasses risk assessments for critical diseases like pancreatic cancer, melanoma, and atrial fibrillation. With approvals for sale in Australia and the U.S., this expanded panel covering nine diseases represents a significant leap forward in genetic risk assessment. GENE's ability to offer comprehensive screening solutions is vividly demonstrated through this advancement.

Role in the MRFF Genomics Health Futures Mission Grant

GENE's exclusive collaboration as the sole industry partner for the A$2.4m Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Genomics Health Futures Mission Grant reinforces its pivotal role in reshaping healthcare practices through genomics. The CASSOWARY Trial, in partnership with the grant, is anticipated to redefine risk assessment methodologies and elevate the standard of care for serious diseases in Australia. This groundbreaking study, involving 600 participants across eight general practices in Victoria, aligns with the Australian Cancer Plan's 5-year goal of incorporating genomics into risk-stratified cancer screening. GENE's involvement signifies its indispensable contribution to transforming healthcare practices through genomics.


As a game changer in genomics-based testing, Genetic Technologies Limited (NASDAQ: GENE) is making substantial progress in precision medicine and cancer risk assessment. The company's strategic partnerships, innovative products, and pivotal roles in research projects not only reshape healthcare practices but also present a compelling investment opportunity. GENE's unique position in advancing healthcare, setting new standards in personalized medicine, and contributing to cancer prevention underscores its promise in the dynamic field of genomics and precision medicine. Investors have the opportunity to be part of a company at the forefront of innovation, with strategic partnerships and breakthrough products positioning GENE as a promising investment in the rapidly evolving genomics landscape.

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  • Bob McCooey, Senior Vice President, NASDAQ Stock Market