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Genius Group is a world leading entrepreneur Edtech and education group, with a mission to disrupt the current education model with a student-centered, life-long learning curriculum that prepares students with the leadership, entrepreneurial and life skills to succeed in today’s market. The group has a group user base of 5.4 million users in 200 countries, ranging from early age to 100.


Investor Presentation

Investor Presentation

Genius Group delivers a universal, personalized and inclusive lifelong education system with an AI-driven Edtech platform and a 21st century curriculum to provide students with the tools to become entrepreneurs and an alternative to the traditional education system. Considering the company’s strong financial and operational track record to date, Genius Group is on track to disrupt the US$10 trillion educational market plans and is planning to grow 50% year on year through a mix of both acquisitions and organic growth.

The Genius Group curriculum is based on 10 principles that the Company believes create distinct points of difference compared to the traditional education system and other Edtech companies.



  • Delivering global solution to today’s education and jobs crisis
    • 5.4M students and users learning on the Genius platform
    • Hybrid class model with a presence in 200 countries
    • Create and delivers its own content and 3rd party content through a revenue sharing model
  • Strong historical financial and operational track record
    • 119% YoY revenue growth and a 53% proforma gross margin for FY22
    • Total students grew by 58%, paying students grew by 137% and partners grew by 29% annually during the 12-months ended Dec 31, 2022
    • Highly effective marketing strategies generating 20.5x and 46.7x return on ad spent for the student and partner pathways respectively
  • Planning to grow 50% year on year, with 30% coming from acquisitions and 20% from organic growth
    • Participate in the consolidation of the education market by acquiring curriculums, schools, and advanced technologies
    • Growth organically through student and partner growth, through partnerships with educational influencers with large viewership and by building a Metaversity, a virtual campus in the Metaverse
  • Highly accomplished leadership team and board with corporate and proven entrepreneurship experience

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