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Aditxt is a global innovation company focused on discovering and developing precision medicine innovations and deploying them into high-performing businesses. Aditxt’s diverse innovation portfolio includes: Adimune™, Inc., developing and designing a new class of therapeutics for retraining the immune system to address organ rejection, autoimmunity, and allergies; Adivir™, Inc., focused on identifying, developing and commercializing new ways to treat infectious diseases; and Pearsanta™, Inc., offering convenient, rapid, personalized, and high-quality lab testing —anytime and anywhere at its CLIA certified and CAP accredited clinical laboratory based in Richmond, VA.

Investor Presentation

Investor Presentation

Aditxt is focused on bringing some of the most needed and promising health innovations and solutions to life in a faster, more efficient way using the power of precision medicine, precision diagnostics and monitoring, precision prevention, and precision treatment, offering an alternative to the one-size-fits-all approach to disease prevention, diagnostics, and treatment. The company's diverse innovation portfolio includes Adimune™, Inc., Adivir™, Inc., and Pearsanta™, Inc., which focus on retraining the immune system, treating infectious diseases, and offering high-quality lab testing, respectively. The diversity of the portfolio not only increases the potential for revenue generation but also reduces risk by not relying solely on one product or service. Aditxt is also conducting a human clinical trial with Mayo Clinic, studying the central nervous system disorder Stiff-Person Syndrome using their proprietary ADI-100™. Mayo Clinic is currently working to enroll 15 to 20 patients, and initial screenings have begun, with dosing expected to begin in Q4 2023. Aditxt is executing a strategy designed to reach key clinical or commercial stages for its current programs and expand its portfolio to address additional markets, such as oncology and neurology, aligning with its goal for growth and diversification. The company completed a financing round in September 2023 that raised $10 million in gross proceeds, providing ample runway for the company to meet near-term milestones.

  • Diverse product/service portfolio designed to bring promising health innovations and solutions to life faster and more efficiently
    • Aditxt combines expertise and resources spanning operations, finance, M&A, global partnerships, content and marketing, access to labs and research facilities, and more
  • Adimune, Inc. focused on modulating the immune system to address autoimmunity, organ rejection, and allergies
    • Technology protected by 7 patent families with 8 US patents granted and 4 pending and 86 foreign patents granted and 14 pending
    • Recent notable licensing transactions in similar pre-Phase 3 assets generated upfront payments of $10M to $125M with total deal values exceeding $760M for each asset (source: Cortellis Health Intelligence)
  • Proprietary AditxtScore platform profiles immune system & monitors reactions to viruses, bacteria, allergens & transplanted organs
    • High-capacity CLIA-certified facility in Richmond capable of scaling to process 10M AditxtScore’s annually
  • Building lab testing “anytime/anywhere” model through Pearsanta
    • Paradigm shift enabling consumers to access healthcare on demand
    • Market roll-out for at-home testing expected to begin in Q2 2024
  • Led by accomplished team with scientific and commercial experience spanning biotech startups, clinical trial design, and biopharma product development and marketing, and public company management


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