HotSchedules and PAR Technology Corporation Announce "Internet of Things" Partnership

Integration between PAR Brink POS® and the HotSchedules IoT Platform will allow restaurants to sync point of sale data with HotSchedules labor management, Reveal and Inventory

Feb. 17, 2016 8:00 am

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- HotSchedules®, a leading provider of mobile technology for the restaurant and hospitality industries, announced a new partnership with PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE:PAR), an industry leader in systems and service solutions for the hospitality industry. The companies will integrate PAR Brink POS with the HotSchedules "Internet of Things" (IoT) Platform. This will enable Brink POS users to sync point of sale data with three applications: HotSchedules labor management, Reveal and Inventory.

For more than 30 years, PAR has developed technology solutions for hospitality companies: restaurant, retail, entertainment venues and cruise ships. Its POS systems are used in more than 50,000 restaurants and more than 110 countries. PAR Brink POS is a cloud-based restaurant software solution provided as a monthly, SaaS offering, with native online ordering, customizable loyalty programs and multi-unit management. The software can be deployed on multiple types of hardware including PAR EverServ® Hardware terminals and/or  the PAR EverServ® Tablets.

The Brink POS integration will deliver real-time sales, time cards and workforce information to the HotSchedules IoT Platform, which aggregates data from dozens of sources and devices. The platform makes it easy for people and applications to access, analyze and use the full breadth of data available to restaurants. Through a single integration with the IoT Platform, Brink POS users can eliminate the need to build multiple point-to-point integrations between the POS and other applications and thereby reduce IT costs. Any and all applications --including HotSchedules labor management solution, Reveal and Inventory -- can access and update point-of-sale data on demand via the HotSchedules IoT Platform.   

Proven to reduce labor costs by as much as 2 percent, the HotSchedules labor management solution allows managers to forecast and create schedules within minutes. With the HotSchedules' mobile app, employees can request to swap, release and pick-up shifts, and managers can approve changes with a tap. Integrated with Brink POS, HotSchedules customers will be able to enforce clock-in/clock-out times based on the schedule. Using the Brink POS sales data, HotSchedules will be able to forecast future schedules up to four weeks in advance.

Brink POS users will be able to view their point of sale data in HotSchedules Reveal, an app that provides actionable insights for hospitality businesses. Reveal makes KPIs on sales, transactions, inventory, labor, social media, weather and more instantly available on a smartphone, tablet or browser. Reveal's sleek dashboards help restaurant managers understand their performance in real-time, make data-driven decisions and take action when it counts.

Lastly, using Brink POS data HotSchedules Inventory, a mobile application for smartphones, tablets and browsers will enable restaurants to efficiently track and manage inventory and queue orders for products that are below ideal quantities. With the Brink POS integration, Inventory will be able to automatically alert users about product depletion based on sales to improve inventory accuracy and control food costs.

"The HotSchedules IoT Platform elevates our position to provide customers with internet of things solutions for real-time, data driven operations," said Karen E. Sammon, President and CEO at PAR Technology Corporation. "Restaurants can take immediate action to boost profitability and eliminate waste by tapping into the near real-time POS data from anywhere with internet access. We view this partnership as a way to combine complementary strengths and thereby provide greater value to our shared customers."

"We seek to integrate with the most innovative companies in the hospitality technology space, and PAR is at the cutting edge of POS technology," said Keith Dunphy, Vice President of Channel Sales at HotSchedules. "Their outstanding track record and global presence attest to admiration and trust they have earned throughout the hospitality industry. We're proud to welcome them to our partner ecosystem."

About PAR Technology

PAR Technology Corporation's stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PAR. PAR's Hospitality segment has been a leading provider of restaurant and retail technology for more than 30 years. PAR offers technology solutions for the full spectrum of restaurant operations, from large chain and independent table service restaurants to international quick service chains. Products from PAR also can be found in retailers, cinemas, cruise lines, stadiums and food service companies. PAR's Government Business is a leader in providing computer-based system design, engineering and technical services to the Department of Defense and various federal agencies. Visit for more information.

About HotSchedules

HotSchedules provides mobile, cloud-based technology for the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. The company delivers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based software designed to automate workforce and operational challenges. Its world-class products include comprehensive labor management, recruiting, learning, back office, print and digital logbooks and various applications built on their heir self-publishing API platform.. HotSchedules is proud to serve more than 2 million users in over 150,000 locations across 26 countries. For more information visit:


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February 17, 2016 - 8:00 AM EST

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