Investor Relations

Outbound Marketing


RedChip is known for its robust global retail-investor base. Our specialists make daily calls to Wall Street's small-cap retail-investment community, including stockbrokers, RIA's, and family offices. Each month, 20,000 investors visit the RedChip website from more than 50 countries, and RedChip adds 500 to 800 new investors through its digital and TV platforms. Our specialists maintain relationships with accredited investor groups across the United States, and we set up retail meetings for our clients in 10 U.S. cities.


RedChip's institutional contacts include small- and micro-cap funds, portfolio managers, family offices, institutional brokers, and hedge funds. Our approach uses the best financial databases in the world, among them Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, and Bigdough. Our system allows us to precisely target institutions according to industry focus and investment philosophy. Some of the largest micro-cap fund managers in the world have appeared on RedChip's weekly TV show, The RedChip Money Report™.

RedChip client companies meet with hundreds of institutions each year in one-on-one meetings.

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RedChip's analyst team includes two CFAs with a long history of writing research on small-cap stocks, covering a wide range of industries.

Investment Banks

RedChip works closely with over 25 investment banks. Over the last five years, RedChip client companies have raised over $500 million using RedChip partner investment banks.

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"After engaging RedChip, we realized increased trading volumes and an expanded shareholder base. The TV show was a great complement to our IR initiatives, and we were impressed with RedChip's ability to drive results."

Andrew Limpert, CFO, Profire Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: PFIE)

Investor Roadshows

Our client roadshows are customized for each client company, and include one-on-one meetings with well-qualified retail brokers, institutions, portfolio managers, hedge funds, and family offices in 10 U.S. cities.

Press Release Writing

We maintain a staff of writers trained in the capital markets. We write, edit, and distribute press-releases for our client companies.

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Conference Calls

RedChip coordinates and hosts quarterly conference calls for its client companies.

Presentation Design

RedChip uses its media and graphics team to design PowerPoints, corporate videos, logos, investor-relations webpages, and print collateral.

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