Going Public and Raising Capital

RedChip offers turnkey solutions to help your company successfully raise needed capital. We are uniquely positioned with our financial media, investor relations, and research platforms to guide companies though the going-public process.

Our team of professionals prepare your company for every aspect of going public and raising capital. We are available to assist in business plan writing, financial modeling, S-1 registrations, reverse mergers, and importantly aftermarket investor relations support.

We complement these services with access to capital from our investment banking partners and network of portfolio managers, hedge funds, and accredited investors.

Over the last 36 months, RedChip clients have raised over $500 million from our investment banking partners.

Our world-leading aftermarket support platform is widely recognized by industry professionals as the most robust and comprehensive available for microcap and small-cap stocks.


"I appreciate the RedChip team. They were the first investor relations firm to truly understand our story and position us properly to micro-cap investors. They seem to know all the small-cap investment banks, family offices and fund-managers that buy smaller companies. Their media platform is the best I have ever seen for companies with market caps of $500 million and under. I recommend them highly."

-DHRU Desai, Chairman-Quadrant 4 Systems (OTCQB:QFOR)