Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (OTCQB:PBIO) develops, markets, and sells proprietary laboratory instrumentation and associated consumables in the estimated $6 billion life-sciences sample-preparation market. The Company’s products are based on the unique properties of both constant and alternating hydrostatic pressure (Pressure Cycling Technology, or PCT). The Company’s primary sales efforts are in the areas of biomarker discovery and forensics. Customers also use PBIO’s products in drug discovery and design, bio-therapeutics characterization, soil and plant biology, vaccine development, histology, and counter-bioterror applications.

PBIO’s patented PCT platform uses alternating cycles of hydrostatic pressure between ambient and ultra-high levels (up to 90,000 psi) to safely and conveniently control the rupture (lysis) of cells and tissues from human, animal, plant, and microbial sources. The Company has sold approximately 300 instrument systems worldwide to leading academic, government, biotech, and pharma laboratories. Additionally, there have been over 100 journal articles and peer-reviewed publications on the advantages of PCT technology. In March 2017, the Company announced an expansion of the Company’s sales and marketing team, and in December 2017, the company announced acquisition of BaroFold, which specializes in high-pressure technologies; these positive changes should begin to show strong sales increases going forward.

PBIO CEO Richard T. Schumacher is a serial entrepreneur who has had substantial success in founding, growing, and operating biotech and pharma businesses; as president and co-founder of Panacos Pharma, in seven years he helped move the company from a struggling start-up to a $700 million market-cap company. Relative to sales potential, if PBIO can capture just 25% of the market opportunity in mass spectrometry, then we believe it could lead to $75 million in device sales and $36 million in annual recurring revenue. Additional long-term opportunities for PCT exist.


  • In February 2018, PBIO announced a two-year worldwide co-marketing and distribution agreement with ISS, Inc.
    • ISS high-pressure optical cell integrates with PBIO automated high-pressure instrument
    • Combination results in unique analytical system with potential to significantly improve and enhance biopharmaceutical drug discovery and development

  • PBIO generated revenue of $646,061 in 3Q17, an increase of 21%YoY
    • Consumable sales increased by 158%, from $32,811 in 3Q16 to $84,594 in 3Q17

  • PBIO acquires BaroFold to broaden its footprint in high-pressure technologies
    • Acquisition drives PBIO into several important areas in biological research and manufacturing

  • PBIO’s Next Generation Sample Preparation Instrument received CE Mark approval in February 2017
    • CE marking will allow PBIO to market its products freely in 31 countries across Europe

  • $6 billion+ market opportunity for PBIO’s PCT technology (500k scientists in 80k research labs worldwide)
    • PCT technology uses hydrostatic pressure to break open cells, which may result in new discoveries not previously possible with current sample-preparation methods

  • 100+ publications in peer-reviewed journals confirming the advantages of PCT technology over current sample-preparation methods

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