Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB
(NASDAQ: OASM, NASDAQ Stockholm: OASM.ST, Frankfurt: OMARX.GR)

December 3, 2015

Market Data

Fiscal Year April
Industry Biotechnology
Market Cap $144.2M
Price/Earning (ttm) N/A
Price/Book (mrq) 2.6x
Price/Sales (ttm) N/A
Insider Ownership 52.2%
ADS Outstanding 35.2M
Equity Float 16.8M
Avg. Volume (3 mo.) 17,816
As of December 2, 2015

Income Statement Snapshot

Revenue (TTM) $0.3M
Net Income (TTM) ($14.3M)

Balance Sheet Snapshot

Cash*(MRQ) $19.0M
Debt (MRQ) $10.4M

*Adjusted for $9.6 million in net proceeds from 10/28/15 equity offering

Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB (“Oasmia,” “OASM,” or the “Company) develops new cancer drugs for use in humans and animals. The Company’s technology is a drug-delivery system that, in comparison with current alternatives, improve care, reduce side-effects, and reduce patient treatment times. OASM’s lead drug Paclical is a chemotherapy drug that demonstrates equal efficacy to chemotherapy drugs Taxol and Abraxane while providing a superior risk profile. Paclical has completed a successful phase 3 clinical trial. Paclical has been launched in Russia, and is expected to receive European approval in 2H16 and U.S. approval in 1H17.

OASM’s lead compound, Paclical, has demonstrated equal efficacy to both Taxol and Abraxane, while providing a superior risk profile and lower production costs. Paclical has already been approved in Russia and has generated $9 million in initial sales, and U.S. approval is expected in 2H17. Taxol and Abraxane currently generate combined sales of over $1.7 billion (Abraxane has estimated 2015 sales of $1-$1.25 billion), providing a significant near-term market opportunity for OASM. Celegene acquired Abraxis (maker of Abraxane) for $2.9 billion in 2010, providing a possible indication of the potential value of Paclical.

Additionally, XR-17, OASM’s technology platform, can be applied to additional active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), and the Company is planning/initiating clinical trials for breast cancer with Doxophos (API – doxorubicin) and the Company’s second highest priority Docecal, a novel formulation of the world’s single most sold chemotherapeutic, Taxoterre (API – docetaxel).

  • XR-17 is a novel technology platform applicable across a wide variety of APIs
    • Nanotechnology platform used to improve drug solubility
    • XR-17 improves drugs by enabling higher doses, shortening infusion time, lowering toxicity, lowering production cost, and eliminating pre-medication

  • Successful phase 3 trial completed comparing Paclical, in combination with carboplatin, to Taxol.
    • Positive risk/benefit profile compared to Taxol
    • Significant shorter infusion time compared to Taxol
    • No pre-medication

  • Pharmacokinetic study shows that Paclical and Abraxane have nearly identical concentration curves of both total and unbound paclitaxel
    • Study results indicate at least equal efficacy
    • Paclical is a nanoparticle formulation, solvent free as compared to Abraxane

  • Market approval for Paclical in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
    • $9 million in initial orders for Paclical

  • Launched Paccal Vet-CA1 in July 2014 for mammary and squamous cell carcinoma; potential near-term revenue
    • Potential market size approximately $3.4 billion (900,000 dogs; price of $3,750)
    • Provides mid-term revenue potential

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