Itronics, Inc. is a “creative green technology” company that uses proprietary technology to produce specialty liquid fertilizers, silver bullion, silver-bearing glass, and base metals from a variety of waste streams. Itronics received numerous domestic and international awards that recognize its ability to successfully use chemical science and engineering to create and implement new environmentally-clean recycling and fertilizer technologies. The Company’s environmentally-friendly award-winning GOLD’n GRO liquid fertilizers, which are used in the agricultural industry, can also be used for lawns and houseplants and are available through the Company’s “e-store” on

The end of the drought in California, the Company’s primary market for its fertilizers, should lead to increased demand in 2017 and orders year-to-date confirm this expectation, up 54% for the period of January through mid-March. The Company could see additional growth from several other applications that are extensions of existing operational technologies, and which are in various stages of evaluation, or under early-stage development. Led by an experienced management team with a track-record of execution, Itronics is positioned for significant upside in the quarters ahead.


  • Commercializing a portfolio of proprietary hazardous waste recycling technologies
    • Converts spent photoliquid waste to specialty liquid fertilizers, silver bullion, and silver-bearing glass
    • E-waste (circuit board scrap) recycling/refining program produces silver bullion containing gold and other precious metals recovered from e-scrap, as well as copper matte (similar in copper content to high grade copper concentrate)

  • Business model offers a “win-win”; benefits the environment, waste-generating customers, fertilizer customers, and shareholders
    • Proprietary “Zero Waste” technologies convert 100% of feed materials (waste streams) into useable products
    • Energy from e-scrap refining process used in the process itself, lowering overall energy consumption
    • Award-winning, micronutrient-rich GOLD’n GRO fertilizers are certifiably-free of hazardous heavy metals and meet new environmental regulations
      ▪ Named a top-10 new technology by the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers
      ▪ Orders up 54% for January through mid-March 2017
    • Waste generators pay Itronics to take photoliquid waste; Itronics generates revenue from variety of products created from recycling/refining waste

  • Estimated $1+ billion market opportunity for Itronics’ services and products
    • $20 billion fertilizer market in U.S.; specialty fertilizers estimated at $3 billion
    • 5+ year track record of sales near and/or exceeding $2 million annually; technology expansions position Company for growth
    • Processing approximately 1.25% of the total photoliquids waste stream in U.S.; current capacity can accommodate 3x growth; plans to expand to 7.2 million gallon capacity

  • Experienced management team with wealth of industry expertise
    • Led by Dr. John Whitney, President – 35+ years’ experience in mining, mineral economics, and recycling and fertilizer technology R&D

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