Appiphany Technologies (IP Risk Control) ( is a full-service brand protection company assisting brand owners in risk management solutions covering all aspects of anti-counterfeiting, diversion and fraud. Over the past 13 years, the current core risk managers have specialized in full track and trace supply chain solutions and best-of-breed security technologies with a special focus on Watchdog, APHD’s comprehensive internet monitoring service. Although the company’s primary business focus is North and South America, they have expanded their roster to include European clientele as well.

APHD is a global brand protection company operating in a $1.7 trillion counterfeit industry. It works on a business model that encompasses all areas of protecting intellectual property of global brand owners through risk management, technology innovation and strategic supply chain. Operating on a web-based platform, the company’s core focus is to identify, search and take action against illicit counterfeit products on web based platforms. It also operates in a limited competition market with highly fragmented and significant barriers to entry. Currently, the company offers solutions to 30+ major brands that operate in the e-commerce industry.

Recent M&A activity in the industry shows additional promise. In July 2016, Mark Monitor (Thomson Reuters bought Mark Monitor in 2012) was sold to a private equity firm in $3.55 billion all cash deal, and in August 2016, NetNames was sold to Corporate Science Co. APHD is an early-stage opportunity, as the company expands its near-term business operations, investors can expect a significant shift in its equity valuation.

  • APHD is a global brand protection company operating in a $1.7 trillion counterfeit industry
    • Company’s business model is to identify counterfeit products on web based platforms; Search, identify and take action against illicit, counterfeit, and diverted sales of products.
  • Company’s solutions include total protection of “Intellectual Property” of global brand owners through risk management, technology innovation, and strategic supply chain strategies
    • Services include online brand protection, internet monitoring, custom app development and print technology services.
  • Recurring revenue from Software as a service(Saas)-based business model; serving large, unmet market need
    • 70% average gross margins
    • $80+ billion addressable global market today; forecasted to reach $150+ billion by 2020
    • $400 million “obtainable” market in North America
  • Products & Services suite delivers cost-effective strategies to protect the assets of global brands
    • Case Management – Software to Manage the space
    • Watchdog Online Monitor Platform – Auction Site Monitoring
    • World Class Forensics – Product Identification
  • APHD has established relationships with 30+ auction sites globally

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