Alpine 4 Technologies, Ltd (ALPP) is a publicly-traded enterprise with holdings in software, automotive technologies, electronics manufacturing, energy services and fabrication technologies, and industries that support those market segments. The Company’s business strategy is centered on four principles: Synergy, Innovation, Drive, and Excellence. Currently, the Company has three subsidiaries: ALTIA, Quality Circuit Assembly, and Venture West Energy Services. ALPP’s goal is to generate value for shareholders by delivering solutions that drive industry standards.

ALPP is a fast-growing technology-driven holding company forecasted to generate $16 million in annualized revenue by the end of 2017. Going forward, the Company forecasts $85 million in annualized revenue by FY18; these estimates are driven by adding two new acquisitions (signed LOIs) by 1Q18 with a total forecasted annualized revenue of $43 million, and organic growth of $26 million annualized revenue from their existing subsidiaries. The goal of the Company is to allow these high-growth subsidiaries to organically develop their own identities and synergistically prosper from inter-company resources, while ALPP controls interest in every subsidiary and has direct control over planning and management. The Company’s portfolio approach provides investors access to unique opportunities with the potential for significant upside while reducing risk through diversification.

  • ALPP is a fast-growing technology-driven holding company
    • Forecasted to generate $16 million in annualized revenue by the end of 2017
    • Expect positive net income in 4Q17
    • Signed binding LOIs related to two near-term acquisitions

  • Company has three wholly owned subsidiaries: Quality Circuit Assembly, ALTIA, and Venture West Energy Services
    • Quality Circuit Assembly generated $8 million in annual revenue; expected to generate $10 million revenue over the next 12 months
    • ALTIA, an automotive products company operates in $9 billion market opportunity and is expected to generate $
    • Venture West energy services is expected to generate $12 million in revenue over the next 12 months

  • Acquisitions become standalone subsidiaries gaining advantage of the power of a public company while maintaining their own brands/identities and synergistically prospering from inter-company resources

  • ALPP acquires companies that are uniquely positioned to fit into 3 categories: drivers, stabilizers and facilitators
    • Drivers are companies like ALTIA, a connected car technology company that resides in a $9B market opportunity, that are poised for large growth, with huge upside potential for market share
    • Stabilizers are companies with sticky customers, consistent revenue, and provide solid net profit return
    • Facilitators like Quality Circuit Assembly, are companies that have synergistic relevance to drivers and stabilizers

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