Apr. 26, 2017 | RedChip Companies

If you’ve never heard of Zynerba Pharmaceuticals trading on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol ZYNE, then you’ve most likely have never heard of Therapix Biosciences either, which also trades on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol TRPX.

As of this writing, Zynerba is currently trading at a $330M market cap at $25 per share and Therapix recently IPO’d on March 22, 2017 and is trading just north of $7.50 per share ($6 IPO price) with a $25M market cap.

So what kind of businesses are these two companies in and why are we mentioning them both in the same sentence?

That’s because they are both in the cannabis space… specifically the cannabinoid space and as it stands today, there are only 4 companies listed on the Nasdaq focused in this area.

Cannabinoids are the types of molecules found in the cannabis plant that have shown great potential to help cure neuropathological degenerative diseases like Tourettes Syndrome, Alzheimers and other forms of age-related dementia.

As many of our readers know, this space is gaining enormous traction with tier one bankers and investors and if you don’t have exposure to this industry, then you need to keep reading on.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals is developing next-generation synthetic cannabinoid therapeutics for transdermal delivery for patients with high unmet medical needs like epilepsy, Fragile X syndrome, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathic pain.

Therapix Biosciences is an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company developing unique Cannabinoid technologies in treatment of central nervous system (CNS) disorders like Tourette’s and early stage Alzhiemers.

Both companies are ALMOST IDENTICAL and they are both entering Phase II clinical trials this year.

In our opinion, the biggest difference between the both of them is valuation.

As we said earlier, Zynerba is currently trading at a $330M market cap and Therapix at a $25M market cap, which is a 90% discount to Zynerba.

This is one of the biggest undervalued opportunities that we have seen for our readers in the past year!

Considering the fact that Therapix just IPO’d in late March with a small offering of just $13.8M, they don’t have a large following yet and this is why we believe that they are trading at such a steep discount.

Therapix is getting ready to come out of their 30-day quiet period after their IPO and then they’re going to be allowed to begin telling their story to new investors and brokers.

It’s our opinion that once the street begins to find out that they’re very similar to Zynerba, that they’re going to start snatching up shares like crazy since they’re trading at such a low valuation compared to the entire sector as you will see at the end of this article.

We also believe that once Zynerba’s shareholders begin to learn about Therapix and its similarities, they will see the opportunity and begin to acquire shares of Therapix to take advantage of the discounted prices and possibly use it as a hedge against their ZYNE position.

In a nutshell, Therapix has quietly gone public in the cannabis space, where there are ONLY 4 Nasdaq listed companies in this sector and they are by far trading at the lowest valuation to them all.

On top of that, their structure is pristine and that’s extremely important when it comes to price appreciation and the possibility of a major short squeeze.

In their IPO, they only sold 2.3M shares, which is an extremely small offering and that limits the amount of shares being floated to the public.

If you’re an active trader, then you will agree that these low-float types of stocks have been on fire these past 4 months and we believe that Therapix will be no different once the street catches on.

In closing, take a look at the four cannabis stocks listed on the Nasdaq and decide for yourself which one is the best buy:

GW Pharmaceuticals plc (Nasdaq: GWPH), currently trading at a $3B market cap.

INSYS Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: INSY), currently trading at a $800M market cap.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: ZYNE), currently trading at a $330M market cap.

Therpaix Biosciences (Nasdaq: TRPX), currently trading at a $25M market cap.

As always, we appreciate our readers feedback… so keep it coming!


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