MidSouth Week in Review
September 8, 2023

Weekly Update from Fund Manager Buzz Heidtke, MidSouth Investment Fund

Sep. 13, 2023 | RedChip Companies

For the week the S&P was down 1.4%.  Money market funds have hit records at over $5.5 trillion in assets.  The Dollar hit a 6 month high.  Crude hit $90, its highest level since November.  The Dollar hit 105, its highest level since March after Russia and Saudi extended their production cuts.  Sources:  Wall Street Journal and New York Times




Stock Buying – Only buy stocks when the market declines 10% from that date a year ago, which happens once or twice a decade – Eugene D. Brody, Oppenheimer Capital


An Honest Politician – Once he is bought, he stays bought – Jack May


Home Prices – aren’t falling anymore.  After declining on a year-over-year basis for five consecutive months, the longest run of decline in 11 years, U.S. home prices were up in July – Nicole Friedman


Crude Oil Prices – are quietly up 30% in two months and have hit $90 again.  The national average gas prices just hit $3.83, in line with last year’s seasonal record.  Gas prices ae now 31% above the 5-year average and rising rapidly – The Kobeissi Letter


Job Quitting – 29% of people quit their jobs within a month of their first promotion.  The findings suggest that promotions rather than enticing workers to stay, sometimes signal a flight risk – ADP


Home Rents – The cost to rent a home or apartment has soared and it isn’t just because of super high rents.  Landlords are hitting tenants with an abundance of fees every month.  Apartment parking rents rose 25% between early 2021 and summer 2022, straining the budgets of many renters whose wages didn’t keep up – Wall Street Journal


Migrant Families – A record 91,000 migrants recently entered the U.S. across the southern border, eclipsing the record 84,486 in May 2019 under the Trump administration – USA TODAY


New Autos – Just five years ago a price-conscious auto shopper could choose from among a dozen new small cars selling under $20,000.  The average price on a new car today is just above $48,000, a difference of 25% from before the pandemic – Cost Automotive


Mortgage Rates – are at their highest level since 2001.  The rate on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage has soared roughly four percentage points since the end of 2021, to an average of 7.23% in August – The Kiplinger Letter


Store Thefts – Retailers are blaming rampant shoplifting for shrinking bottom lines.  Retailers lost $94.5 billion in 2021, nearly double the amount from 2018, to inventory shrink – Yahoo.com


Young Homebuyers – According to Redfin, 38% of homebuyers under the age of 30 either used a cash gift from a family member or an inheritance to afford their down payment – Fortune


Joe Biden – 77% of Americans say he is too old to effectively serve another four years as President, including 69% of Democrats and 89% of Republicans.  51% think that Trump is too old to serve another term including 71% of Democrats and 28% of Republicans – AR/NORC


Suburb Rents – America’s suburbs are posting the country’s fastest-rising rents, a sign that the recent migration of families from major cities is starting to look more long term.  Rents in suburbs climbed 25% from March 2020 through July 2023 – Wall Street Journal ….. The city of Nashville lost 1% of its population in 2021 vs. a big gain in the surrounding counties – Buzz


Mortgage Rates Soar – causing home purchasing to decline to the lowest level since 2001 – USA TODAY


College Degrees – have soared.  U.S. college and universities awarded over 2 million bachelor’s degrees in 2020-2021, up from 840,000 in 1970-1971.  Business degrees made up the largest category with 391,375 degrees (18.9% of the total) – Dennis G. Hall


New Homes – continue to sell briskly despite skyrocketing mortgage rates.  Sales are up 30% from a year ago, despite a slight fall in June – The Kiplinger Letter


NYC Commercial Real Estate – NYC has nearly 100 million square feet idle as the era of remote work stretches on – New York Times


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