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RedChip Research Visibility Program

The best in comprehensive, well-balanced research- RedChipô Visibility provides your targeted investors with detailed, easy-to-read company reports written by our first-rate analysts, complete with financial history, business strategy, management representation, and an overview of your industry.

With a 15-year history of providing quality, fundamental research, RedChip thoroughly explores your company and the industry in which it operates. Our team of highly experienced analysts, who specialize in the micro- and small-cap spaces, interview your company's management, investigate the competition, and seek out third-party research in order to provide a balanced view of your company's opportunities and future prospects.

With RedChip branding, industry professionals will read your reports because they know our history, respect our integrity, and realize our research isn't written by investor relations salespeople.

Unparalleled Research Distribution

RedChip digitally distributes its Research Reports to 150,000 opt-in private investors, retail brokers, and fund-managers. RedChip digitally distributes its Research Reports to top internet research distribution websites such as Investars, Reuters/Multex, and Zacks. RedChip Research Reports are digitally distributed on its affiliate website, - the most heavily trafficked Investor Relations website in the world, receiving 12,000 hits per day
RedChip Radio generates instant awareness of participating Aurelius clients among a target audience of investors, brokers, planners and analysts who regularly listen to network and key spot market investment and business oriented programming.

Interested listeners are invited to click to the RedChip home page where relevant headlines, breaking news stories, and summary overviews of participating clients are prominently displayed

Specialist Marketing Team

Outbound calls to fund-managers and retail brokers. Our highly trained specialist marketing team systematically identifies qualified institutional and retail small-cap equity players and presents our clients story to them, setting up road-shows and power-calls for upper-management. These efforts compliment our conferences and research products and helps creates a loyal following of retail and institutional investors for our clients.

RedChip Review

The RedChip Review, our flagship product, is published quarterly for our companies under research coverage. The Review is a compilation of all research conducted by our team of highly skilled analysts. Each company under Visibility or Independent coverage is highlighted in a two-page spread that includes analyst notes, a balance sheet, and income statement. In addition to the research, the RedChip Review also includes feature stories dealing with market conditions, current events, and any developments that are of interest to the investment community. The RedChip Review is yet another way RedChip communicates your company's story to potential investors across the globe.

RedChip Radio

One-on-One CEO Interviews. These :60 spots are edited from existing audio or 10-15 minute Q&A telephone interviews. They present the client company's general background and recent news and give the investor a chance to get acquainted with a company's top management.

Headline News. Each :60 or :30 spot presents up to five breaking news headlines voiced by client company or RedChip spokespersons.

Home Page Headlines. RedChip visitors see a rotating array of five to seven breaking news headlines featuring participating clients at the top center of the home page. By clicking any headline, the visitor views the most recent press release text file or can proceed to the client's deep background index page.

Home Page Summaries. A central block on the RedChip home page displays a 100-200 word summary overview of participating companies. These overviews are refreshed whenever a visitor clicks back to the home page. They are linked to each client's deep background index page.

Digital Investor Relations

Full Digital Investor Relations are featured on the #2 Rated Investor Relations website in North America We offer our clients a comprehensive online presence which informs investors utilizing a corporate profile, management bios, industry comparisons, conference calls, webcasts, audio and video interviews, and much more. The RedChip Visibility Digital Investor Relations package provides an unmatched level of comprehensive, online corporate communications services.

CEO Audio-Video Presentation

Interviews provide investors access to CEO Interview and CEO Video Presentation. The CEO Video Presentation allows investors to hear firsthand from the CEO how your Company is uniquely positioned within the marketplace as well as the Company's strategies and vision for the future.

RedChip Investor Newsletter

Mailed to 10,000 RedChip investors, the RedChip Newsletter features your company exclusively and chronicles your company's current developments, investment highlights, future goals, and other information pertinent to potential investors.

RedChip Small-Cap Conferences: Hollywood, New York, Santa Monica, Phoenix

Conference presenter packages include: 25-minutes to present your company's story and answer investor questions; one-on-one opportunities with institutional investors; an audience of pre-qualified investment professionals including analysts, portfolio managers, financial advisors, as well as high net worth investors; video & audio from the conference streamed live to targeted investors and archived for three months on; press releases distributed to hundreds of thousands of investors; attendee information for future marketing opportunities; and networking opportunities with top executives and investment professionals in the small-cap industry.

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