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Investment Highlights
  • Well-positioned to capitalize on explosive growth in mobile app space
  • Led by seasoned, proven management team who is able to attract top ideas, talent, clients and partners
  • Innovative business model with potential for multiple streams of high-margin revenue and multiple attractive exit opportunities
  • Based only on MEDL's 3 million users of the Mobile Brain, at a lifetime value of $25 to $35 per user, MEDL’s current valuation should be between $75 million and $105 million.
Financial Highlights
Financial Highlights

MEDL Mobile, Inc. (“MEDL” or “the Company”) develops, acquires and publishes a growing library of mobile applications that perform specific functions for the user on the Apple and Android platforms. User analytics are collected by the Company's growing Mobile Brain, which processes user data in order to create better distribution and monetization of mobile applications.

MEDL has also designed a growing suite of tools to help developers better market and monetize their mobile applications. Additionally, the Company licenses its technology and performs custom development for key clients such as, The New York Times, Teleflora, Telefonica and Medtronic, allowing the Company to grow its overall library of technology, greatly extending the potential reach of its Mobile Brain. MEDL also enters into partnerships to mobilize and monetize IP with such notable names as Encyclopaedia Britannica, MTV's Pauly D, Cheech & Chong, Rampage Jackson and Marlee Matlin. MEDL is establishing a business model in which it expects to generate multiple revenue streams, including development fees, download and in-app purchases, advertising, sponsorship and licensing of technology.

Major digital platforms, such as Groupon, Google, and Facebook, have average lifetime values of between $100 and $200 per user. MEDL apps have been downloaded approximately 17 million times. More than 3 million of those users have the current implementation of the company's Mobile Brain. Using similar metrics, based only on MEDL's 3 million users of the Brain, at a lifetime value of only $25 to $35 per user, MEDL’s current valuation should be between $75 million and $105 million.
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