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Small-Cap Equities Virtual Conference VII:
Undiscovered Growth & Value Opportunities April 19th - 20th, 2011

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image KEYNOTE: DAY 1

image KEYNOTE: DAY 2

 Virtual Conference Features
 Small-cap company executives offer inside views of their businesses during webcast presentations.
 Watch company presentations conducted by executive-level management through live video and PowerPoint presentations online.
 Interactive interface makes it easy for users to ask questions during presentations.


Day 1, April 19th
9:30:00 AM   
10:15:00 AM   
11:00:00 AM   
11:45:00 AM   
12:30:00 PM   
1:15:00 PM Keynote Speaker:
Stephen Moore
- Wall Street Senior Financial Writer
*Archive Unavailable
2:00:00 PM    *Archive Unavailable
* Due to audio difficulties these archives are not available at this time.

Day 2, April 20th
8:00:00 AM   
9:30:00 AM   
10:15:00 AM   
11:00:00 AM   
11:45:00 AM Keynote Speaker:
David Morgan
- Silver-Investor.com
12:30:00 PM   
1:15:00 PM   
2:00:00 PM   

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