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RedChip ShareInsight, as part of the RedChip Shareholder Loyalty™ program, obtains, aggregates, tracks and analyzes shareholder trading information through our web-based application - the “Data Repository Information Link” system or DRIL-Down™. This gives unprecedented access and insight into broker-dealer, clearing firm and shareholder position movements.

RedChip ShareInsight provides public companies with robust, 24/7, secure-password-protected web access to dynamic, customized, and modifiable shareholder and broker-dealer transaction analytics. Instant interpretation is produced both numerically and graphically via proprietary analytic tools. This enables management to effectively identify, interpret and communicate shareholder and broker-dealer movement to the market. In addition, predetermined proprietary filters and queries trigger timely email alerts to inform management of relevant or unusual trading activity, thereby prompting logical action- steps to be taken by the Company and its CEO and its trusted advisors (i.e., investment bankers, legal counsel, investment relation professionals) to protect market capitalization.

Pre-set, customized queries and filters generate relevant Client Company trading analyses for the CEO. "Out of balance" relationships between entities responsible for reporting purchase and sales transactions and those responsible for electronic and physical custody, are immediately identified, automatically generated and pushed to the Company, via email alerts.

Utilizing this patent pending process, companies can proactively track equity flows and identify suspicious, aberrant and/or unusual trading activity. Most importantly, RedChip ShareInsight can offer the capability to historically aggregate repository data from reporting entities, broker-dealers, and shareholders. Without subscribing to RedChip ShareInsight your historic individual shareholder data and potential analyses will be potentially lost.

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