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Tens of thousands of investors have made millions buying smaller-cap stocks before they appeared on Wall Street's radar. For 20 years, RedChip has been discovering stocks for Main Street investors like you before they show up on Wall Street.

We were the first to issue research on Starbucks in 1992 at $6.50. Those who bought when we issued research went on to achieve a return of up to 10x their investments. An investment of $10,000 would have netted $100,000 in profits.

In recent years, investors like you have achieved stellar results with RedChip stocks. In 2009, RedChip issued research on NovaGold Resources (NYSE MKT: NG) at $4.25. The stock reached a high of $14.50, a 241% return. A $5,000 investment turned into over $17,000. In 2008, RedChip issued research on Echo Therapeutics at $1.22. The stock traded at $4.72 in February 2011, representing a 287% return on investment.

Small-caps have historically outperformed big caps. In fact, over the past 30 years, small-caps have outperformed big caps by 30%.

RedChip works to take the risk out of buying small-caps. In November 2011, we introduced Asure Software (NasdaqCM: ASUR) to our network while the stock was trading at a split-adjusted price of only $2.37. The stock went on to reach a high of $8.00 less than nine months later.

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