Imugene Ltd.

November 30, 2015

Market Data

Fiscal Year December
Industry Biotechnology
Market Cap A$14.6M
Price/Earning (ttm) N/A
Price/Book (mrq) 1.8x
Price/Sales (ttm) 22.9x
Insider Ownership 7.1%
Shares Outstanding 1.7B
Equity Float 961.8M
Avg. Volume (3 mo.) 1.2M
As of November 27, 2015

Income Statement Snapshot

Revenue (LFY) A$0.6M
Net Loss (LFY) (A$2.4M)

Balance Sheet Snapshot

Cash(LFY) A$5.0M
Debt (LFY) A$0.0M

*Includes proceeds from A$3.0 million equity raise.

Imugene (“Imugene,” “IMU,” or the “Company”) is an immune-oncology biopharmaceutical company developing HER2 positive gastric and breast cancer immunotherapies. The Company’s lead product is HER-Vaxx, a proprietary HER2 positive cancer immunotherapy that stimulates a polyclonal antibody response to HER-2/neu. HER-2/new is a known and validated receptor over-expressed on various tumors including gastric, breast, ovarian, lung and pancreatic cancers. HER-Vaxx has successfully completed a Phase I study in patients with breast cancer and the next stage of development will be a Phase Ib/II study in patients with gastric cancer. Imugene’s corporate headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia with the scientific team in Vienna, Austria.

Imugene’s current market cap of A$14.6 million is far below the average market cap of U.S. companies with early stage cancer trials. The Company is entering a Phase Ib/2a trial with its potential blockbuster drug for gastric cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer death in the world. HER-Vaxx exhibited strong Phase I results in breast cancer and has a potentially superior mechanism of action as compared to earlier generation t-cell immunotherapies.

  • Next generation HER2 cancer immunotherapy therapy using B-cell peptides
    • Potentially superior to t-cell vaccines. HER-Vaxx induces the patient to produce its own antibodies against the target, as opposed to t-cell vaccines which produce antibodies from vaccines manufactured outside the body
    • This novel approach can cause immune memory, strengthening the immune system response over time
    • HER-Vaxx targets three sites (polyclonal response) as opposed to one (monoclonal response) site in currently approved HER2 therapies

  • Phase I results displayed a strong antibody and overall immune system response in a patient population in poorer condition than the typical target HER2 population
    • 8/10 patients developed anti-HER-2 antibodies, and the antibodies displayed potent anti-tumor activity
    • Positive, broad immune system response (increase in Th1 cytokines, increase in memory T & B cells post vaccination, decrease in T reg cells)
    • Positive results were seen in metastatic breast cancer patients; other HER2 vaccines have been approved for patients with early-stage breast cancer

  • Positive Phase I results provide the basis for a Phase Ib/II trial in HER2 positive gastric cancer
    • Projected to begin Phase 1b trial in 1H16, with results reported in late 1H17
    • Projected to begin randomized, controlled, double-blinded Phase II trial in 2H17, with results reported in 2H19

  • Gastric cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide (738,000 deaths, or 10.4% of cancer cases)

  • Novel mimotope technology platform allows IMU to reverse engineer any antibody and induce a potent antibody response to an identified oncology target
    • Four mimotopes (including two checkpoint blockades) to be complete by May 2016

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