RedChip Company Overview

RedChip Companies began in 1992 as a small-cap research firm, focusing on “Discovering Tomorrow’s Blue Chips Today.”™

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RedChip's long history of success includes being the first to issue independent research coverage on Starbucks in 1992. Other names RedChip discovered as they were on the cusp of becoming Blue-Chip stocks were: Nike™,™, Daktronics™.

Over the years, RedChip has evolved into a full-service financial public relations firm, representing hundreds of NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX companies. The RedChip platform is the most comprehensive platform available today for emerging growth companies.

With offices in Orlando, San Francisco, and Seoul, RedChip reaches hundreds of thousands of investors simultaneously with its robust platform of services and products:

  •   Company-Sponsored Research Profiles written by the best CFAs in the small-cap sector and    emailed to tens of thousands of accredited investors

  •   Editing, Writing of Press Releases, 10-Qs, 10-Ks, 8-Ks

  •   Full build-out of an Investor Relations Web-Page for each client

  •   Outbound Telemarketing to institutional, retail brokers, money managers, and family trust-funds

  •   Inbound calls from investors, retail brokers, institutions

  •   Institutional and Retail Road-Shows in major U.S. cities

  •   The RedChip Money Report TV Show

  •   Virtual Conferences reaching thousands of online investors

  •   Video Podcasts, Blogs, Social Media Networking and Web Marketing

  •   Shareholder Intelligence Data Services

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